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President Sata’s health deteriorates and is expected to hand over power soon

By Staff Reporter

Photo: State House

President Sata at his inauguration (file photo).

President Michael Sata who celebrated his 77th Birthday on Sunday today Wednesday July 9, 2014 expected to leave for South Africa for medical attention because he is vomiting too much, a State House source has disclosed to Zambia Reports.

According to reports reaching Zambia Reports, President Sata has also told his confidants he is no longer in a position to continue discharging his duties and was ready to quit and enjoy full rest.

President Sata, who may drag himself to swear in Supreme Court justices that include Mumba Malila this morning before the South Africa trip, is expected to surrender the instruments of power to Defense Minister Edgar Lungu to mitigate the divisions that characterised the governance system during justice minister Wynter Kabimba’s 10 days in charge.

“The President is not okay. Things are getting worse. He is leaving for South Africa tomorrow [today]. He is vomiting whatever he eats and at his age, he is losing a lot of fluids. This time around he is leaving the instruments of power with Edgar Lungu and the Secretary to the Cabinet has already been informed,” the source said.

When asked why Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba will not be the Acting President, the source said Kabimba is not liked by majority of Cabinet Ministers.

“You know Kabimba is not liked by many Cabinet Ministers, so the President came back just to come and sort out the issue of Acting President. I will keep you updated on any development,” the source said.

President Sata since coming back from Israel on Friday night been confined to his Nkwazi House, the official residence within State House, where he has spent most of the time in bed apart from the times that some selected relatives and government officials have been to visit him.

Another highly-plaved source has also revealed that the President is walking with a limp ever since he came back from the so called working holiday in Israel.

“From what we have observed, there is obviously something that is making the boss to limp but we do not know what it is,” said the source.

According to the source even the President’s voice is not as strong as it used to be. “We have noticed that he is speaking in a very low tone as if something is hindering him from speaking louder,” the source added.

The source has also revealed that President Sata does not look that strong to walk anything up to fifty meters or even stand for a long time.

“It will be a big miracle if he gets up to stand and do the swearing in ceremony of some three government officials we hear are to be sworn in,” said the source.

It’s also understood that President Sata was driven from State House on Friday night by his Press Aide George Chellah instead of the Presidential motorcade to disguise his return.

In recent days a flurry of unconfirmed reports concerning the status of the President were proven to be misleading. Unfortunately at this time, Zambia Reports was unable to obtain official acknowledgement of the report.

Meanwhile, President Sata has informed close associates he is giving up on the Presidency and in view of the confusion and divisions arising from arriving at his successor, he had instructed the party to commence preparations for a convention.

The Head of State, according to sources, want the process of his succession to have some semblance of democracy but a plan to anoint his son as PF president is in full gear.

Kabimba is expected to contest the PF top slot but President Sata has in the background told his allies within the party to rally behind Mulenga.

However, this plan to anoint Mulenga Sata may backfire has his legitimacy to contest the national presidency can be contested by Kabimba, Fred M’membe, Guy Scott, Rajan Mathani and Mutembo Nchito though an injuction.

The infamous PF cartel believes any candidate outside Kabimba is defeat in their calculated plan post Sata’s regime and would fight it tooth and nail.

-Zambia Reports

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