South Africa aims to break the barrier again-bid for 2024 Olympic Games | Africa in the news South Africa aims to break the barrier again-bid for 2024 Olympic Games – Africa in the news
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South Africa aims to break the barrier again-bid for 2024 Olympic Games

by Staff ReporterJohannesburg , South Africa

  • Costs of hosting Olympic Games is skyrocketing
  • Russia’s bill for winter Olympic Games is $US5O Billion
  • South Africa might benefit from having existing structures having successfully hosted 2010 football World Cup
Zakumi the Leopard, the official mascot for th...

Zakumi the Leopard, the official mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa could be used again in 2024.

  • Decision to host Olympic Games in 2024 will be very controversial as millions of South Africans sink in poverty 
  • Hosting 2010 World Cup costed $US5 Billion but brought estimated economic benefits of $US5.3 Billion
  • If successful in the bid, South Africa would have broken the stigma that Olympic Games may never be hosted by “developing” economies because of the cost barrier
  • Although Rand is weakening against major currencies, South Africa is by far the largest economy in Africa
  • In theory, Johannesburg can afford the cost as more fossil fuel reserves are being explored along South African coast



Africa’s largest economy South Africa will bid for the 2024 Olympic, the country’s Sports Minister, Fikile Mbabula has said.

South Africa had initially said it could not afford to host the 2020 Olympics, stating the need channel resources to provide for its people, but has apparently had a change of heart

English: Man blowing a vuvuzela, Cape Town, So...

Remember the noise bellowing out of a vuvuzela?

According to Fikile, who had unsuccessfully lobbied for the country to bid for the 2020 Olympics, the President was in agreement with the decision and the country was ready to host the games.

English: Countries that are bidding for 2020 S...

Countries that are bidding for 2024 Summer Olympic Games. South Africa on paper stands a good chance to win the bid . 2010 world cup was a great success.

The list of countries bidding for the 2024 games includes the like of Kenya, Morocco, Philippines, Qatar, Republic of China, France, Turkey, Italy, Mexico and USA amongst others.

South Africa is however hopeful that it can compete favourably with these countries since it successfully hosted the World Cup in 2010 and organised the 123rd IOC session in Durban, the city favoured by the country for the games

Although South Africa has not stated the cost for hosting the games, it spent R40 billion ($5.9 billion) on the 2010 World Cup which according to analysts was money well spent as it improved the country’s infrastructure and boosted the economy irrespective of the low financial gains estimated to be about $5.3 million

If the country bids successfully for the games, it will be the first African country to host the number one international sporting event, making a mark in history

Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo have been scheduled to host the 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games respectively while the bid for the 2024 Olympics will commence in 2015. The International Olympics Committee (IOC) will announce the winner in 2017





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