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AU troops to treat CAR’s anti-balaka militia as enemy

By Staff Reporter African troops are spearheading efforts to end the conflict African Union (AU) peacekeepers in the Central African Republi [...]

Al Shabab is increasing in strength-UN Envoy

By Staff Reporter The United Nations warned Monday of an increased threat of attacks from Somalia‘s Al-Qaeda-linked Shabab as a major [...]

African Rights group call for AU to stop Xenophobia on the rise in Africa

By staff Reporter   African groups call for the African Union to urgently respond to gender and sexuality rights violations in Africa, [...]

Tragedy in Central African Republic:EU response

By Staff Reporter Brussels, EU  *EU remains the main donor to CAR Long viewed as a fragile state, the Central African Republic (CAR) is now [...]

Who can Save the Central African Republic?

By Staff Reporter Bangui, Central African Republic A human rights researcher tells TIME of horrors in the hinterlands of the Central African [...]

African Union demands fair, transparent polls in Egypt

by Staff Reporter Addis Ababa,Ethiopia     AU expresses support for Egypt The African Union, AU, has urged the interim authorities [...]

Meet Catherine Samba-Panza, Central African Republic’s New Interim President

Bangui,Central African Republic  The former mayor of Bangui is the first woman to lead the country By Andrew Katz @katz Issouf Sanogo / A [...]

USA-Africa Summit drops out Zimbabwe and Egypt

  By Staff Reporter USA-Africa Summit thwarts Chinese influence in Africa? *Obama snubs Mugabe based on death of democracy in Zimbabwe [...]

Half of Central African republic population in need of humanitarian assistance

Central African Republic killings go on unchecked and almost everybody is facing displacement. UNHCR News Story: Hundreds more flee Central [...]

US using NGOs to destabilise Africa?-globalresearch

There is a developing pattern in which NGOs linked to US intelligence are accused of stirring ethnic disputes in Africa.  By Carla Stea [...]

#Ethiopia launches Africa’s largest Wind Farm

                Ethiopia looks to become a powerhouse of the region in renewable energy. The nation [...]

M23 disbanding is not the end of strife in DRC

A few days ago, I have argued in this piece that M23′s demise has not entrenched automatism in appeasing conflicts across the Kivus. Whi [...]

Genocide in CAR?Rwanda failures in the making.

#Central African Republic Several reports from Central African Republic indicate that without CAR is a nation in distress.UN cannot watch id [...]

East Africa: Abyei Pressures Two Sudans for Resolution

Religion separates the two Sudans? Juba by Andrew Green The non-binding referendum in Abyei – where people voted overwhelmingly to j [...]

Zimbabwe is ill advised to support African #ICC pullout

President Mugabe dislikes ICC Reports from  Harare indicate that Zimbabwe has promised to back calls for Africa to pull out of the Internat [...]
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