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DRC: 8000 Congolese expelled from Angola in five months

By Staff Reporter   Expelled from the Brazzaville-Kinshasa to Maluku 19/05/2014. Radio Okapi / Ph. John Bompengo Eight 1128 DRC nationals w [...]

Mitsubishi to enter oil exploration business in Ivory Coast

By Staff Reporter Provided by Mitsubishi Corp. Mitsubishi Corp. said Sept. 12 it will acquire 20 percent ownership in a hydrocarbon producti [...]

Is Zimbabwe’s cash “crunch” political?

  By Francisca Sibanda Chamunokara NewsAfrica-Harare (Zim)-The abandoning of the Zimbabwe dollar and the adoption of a basket of region [...]

AfDB gives $1billion loan for Angola energy

The African Development Bank (AFDB) has approved a $1 billion loan for Angola to help develop its war-ravaged electricity network and facili [...]

The amazing Himba tribe of Namib Desert

By Staff Reporter That’s an unusual look! Namibia‘s Himba tribeswomen sport incredible hairdos created using goat hair, butter a [...]

The man who helped release Mandela from prison

South Africa By Staff Reporter Working in the shadows between the Marxist and apartheid regimes of Angola and South Africa, businessman Jean [...]

The Mighty Zambezi at Victoria Falls

The Zambezi river starts its journey to the sea in northern Zambia, then flows through Angola, and re-enters Zambia before flowing over the [...]
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