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Paris attackers linked in Morocco arrest

By Staff Report   Image copyrightReutersImage captionThe attacks in Paris on 13 November killed 130 people Paris attacks Paris attacks: Who [...]

What Really Happened in Congo #PatriceLumumba

The CIA, the Murder of Lumumba, and the Rise of Mobutu By Stephen R. Weissman Hands tied: Lumumba’s capture in Léopoldville, Decembe [...]

Belgian museum faces up to its brutal colonial legacy

 #BRUSSELS The institution dubbed the last colonial museum in the world is packing up its stuffed animals and controversial statues this we [...]

M23 disbanding is not the end of strife in DRC

A few days ago, I have argued in this piece that M23′s demise has not entrenched automatism in appeasing conflicts across the Kivus. Whi [...]

New wave of farm invasions in Zimbabwe?

Following proclamations in Zimbabwe by President Mugabe and Zanu PF of victory in July 31 2013 poll, new wave land invasions have been repor [...]
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