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Arusha, Tanzania is latest East African terror attack target

By Staff Reporter Eight people have been injured in a bomb blast at a restaurant in the Tanzanian town of Arusha, officials have said. Polic [...]

Burkina Faso refuses constructive surgery aid for victims of genital mutilation

By Staff Reporter     A clinic built with money from Western supporters of the Raëlians lies empty as Burkina Faso’s victims of fe [...]

UK gay man persecuted in #Uganda

While NewsAfrica advocates equality for all, it is also factual that homosexuality is illegal in most African states including Uganda.  It [...]

#Rwandan #Genocide-humanity failed

 “In 100 days, more than 1,000,000 people were murdered. But the genocidaires did not kill a million people. They killed one, then anothe [...]
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