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“The Migrant Crisis” The real issue here is inconvenienced British holidaymakers

Opinion by Maya Goodfellow On Tuesday night a man was crushed to death by a truck in Calais. The next morning, David Cameron offered the fol [...]

UK & France to blame for Mediterranean migrant deaths-UKIP

  By Staff Reporter   A boat carrying migrants, including men, women and children, off the coast of Libya earlier this year Photo [...]

UK Parliament to be recalled to authorise Isis air strikes

By Staff Reporter ©AFP Westminster MPs will be summoned back to the House of Commons on Friday to debate bombing Islamist militants in Iraq [...]

Sudan death row woman Meriam Ibrahim re-arrested

By Staff Reporter Ibrahim arrested with husband and two children at Khartoum airport one day after she was released on orders of appeal cour [...]

UK & Tanzania relations face test as British family plans to sue Kikwete

British couple to sue Tanzania over farm deal that ‘ended in death threats’ Fight at the international arbitration court comes a [...]

59 world leaders to attend Mandela memorial.

#Mandela lives beyond the grave South Africa, Saturday, started preparing for what has been dubbed ‘a historic, unprecedented’, funeral [...]
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