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Zimbabwe Govt Abandons Indigenisation

  Zimbabwe has abandoned its populist indigenisation policy in a desperate attempt to lure offshore capital required to revive the cou [...]

“The Migrant Crisis” The real issue here is inconvenienced British holidaymakers

Opinion by Maya Goodfellow On Tuesday night a man was crushed to death by a truck in Calais. The next morning, David Cameron offered the fol [...]

Eritrea is the most indebted African nation-WEF

  By Staff Reporter   Economics Japan, the world’s most indebted nation, is struggling to emerge from over two decades of stagna [...]

Zimbabwe activist,Itai Dzamara still missing after 90 days

By Staff Reporter   Itai Dzamara’s last post on social media networks was more than three months ago [...]

The sea is feeding on desperate migrants

By Staff Reporter Juan Medina has been following migrants trying to reach Europe for two decades – the Reuters photographer won a Worl [...]

This Photo Captures The Grim Reality Of The Mediterranean Refugee Crisis

By Staff Reporter Warning: This post contains a graphic photo that some readers may find disturbing. A startling image from a recent acciden [...]

Why the next Steve Jobs will come from Africa

By Daniel Epstein Opinion This article by Daniel Epstein originally appeared at Unreasonable and is published with permission. “Africa [...]
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