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ICC to charge human rights abusers in CAR

Central African Republic The perpetrators of human rights abuse on civilians have been warned by ICC that they will certainly face prosecuti [...]

Turkish FA belongs to the past

Ankara By Staff Reporter Turkish FA has proven to be ages in the past for deciding to charge two African players for celebrating icon Nelson [...]

59 world leaders to attend Mandela memorial.

#Mandela lives beyond the grave South Africa, Saturday, started preparing for what has been dubbed ‘a historic, unprecedented’, funeral [...]

Mandela in Pictures

#Mandela in Pictures What a hero       Source-http://www.southerneye.co.zw Related articles Nelson Mandela’s neighbours [...]

Mandela Memorial Service

#RIP Africa’s greatest son  #Mandela at Villa Chapel #SA state house       Source: http://citizensplatform.net   [...]

Technology giant Apple mourns Mandela

Goodbye Madiba The global technology giant Apple mourns Nelson Mandela by dedicating their home page to the icon. Nelson Mandela was extra o [...]

Peter Hain Mourns Mandela

PETER HAIN recalls how activists used the power of sport to apply pressure on the apartheid regime In the BBC television archives on militan [...]

Margaret Thatcher could have shortened Mandela’s prison term

#RIP Mandela.The memory lives By Peter Frost in Britain: Cameron‘s crocodile tears Saturday 7th December 2013 History tells us the PM’s [...]

Nelson Mandela and Britain

#RIP Mandela.The memory lives This video says about itself: On February 3, 2005, Nelson Mandela addressed over 20,000 people inLondon’s [...]

Africa’s greatest son has died.Mandela is gone

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president, has died. Photograph: Mike Hutchings/Reuters Nelson Mandela, the towering figure [...]

UK withdraws £100m development aid for Southern Africa

Britain is axing a £100m aid programme to reduce poverty in Africa after accidentally channelling some money through the Zimbabwe governmen [...]

Ethiopia plans for 100k deportees from Saudi Arabia

#Ethiopia Decades of starvation and political instability caused many Ethiopians to flee to destinations like Saudi Arabia. Recently the gul [...]

Paul Kagame: The Tweeting President #Rwanda

Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, has been dubbed the “digital president” by international organizations, journalists, and politicia [...]

Ghana, the most improved African state on Corruption Index 2013

CPI figures for 2013 show that Ghana is most improved on fighting corruption in Africa. Nations at strife as expected have ranked worse , wi [...]

THE Kgalagadi beauties

A vast expanse of sand , dust, dry riverbeds and where life still seems to crawl on despite its difficulties, the Kalahari is a place where [...]

Belgian museum faces up to its brutal colonial legacy

 #BRUSSELS The institution dubbed the last colonial museum in the world is packing up its stuffed animals and controversial statues this we [...]

#Zimbabwe fails to provide water in towns

#Diaspora gets a shock as Zimbabwe deteriorates beyond dreams It has been a couple of weeks since I returned from a two weeks holiday in Zi [...]

Muslim fighters order Missionaries out of CAR

#BOUCA Last week France increased its contigent to CAR because they believe that sectarianism has increased to genocide levels  Central Afr [...]

Zulu Dance never dies #South Africa

#South African culture is tourist attraction?   Traditional Zulu dancing is an important part of the Zulu culture. Dancing is usually p [...]

Blueprint For The Privatization of State Enterprises in Africa

#Nigerian Refineries Study Margaret Thatcher in the  1970s UK privatised most state enterprises because she believed that government has no [...]

Ex-Reserve Bank Governor Gono will not be missed in Zimbabwe

Former governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Gideon Gono left the stage with little more than a whimper and for a loud mouth, attention [...]

Baobab – ‘The Great Provider

 by RAW SOUL FOOD –  I am a real fan of super- nutrient rich foods, from beetroot to baobab, I find that including these nutrient r [...]

Tabu Ley Rochereau, king of Congolese rumba dies

  Kinshasa — African superstar and king of Congolese rumba Tabu Ley Rochereau died on Saturday aged 76 in a hospital in Belgium, his [...]

Somalia leads on Cholera cases in Africa-WHO

By Edmund Smith-Asante A report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), says by the end of 2011 a total number of 589,854 cholera [...]

Currencies of the diaspora-#BurkinaFaso

Burkina Faso is a poor, landlocked country that relies heavily on cotton and gold exports for revenue. The country has few natural resources [...]

The Rite to Mutilate Children-#Ethiopia

by Greta Solomon The unspoken practice of female genital mutilation is undermining efforts to create safe motherhood in the developing world [...]

Poaching pushes Rhinos to near extinction-IRF

Poaching could soon lead to decline in the Rhino population – warns International Rhino Foundation (IRF) Poachers have killed more than 10 [...]


The unusually heavy sentence may be a sign that law enforcement is finally getting serious about the widespread violence targeting black les [...]

New HIV infections among infants declined between 2009 and 2012 by 50 per cent in Ethiopia!

#Ethiopia Editor HIV and AIDS are in the headlines again today. The overall impression is that in Africa infections have dropped, death rate [...]

New strain of HIV very aggressive-#GuineaBissau

Researchers say a new strain of HIV found in West Africa leads to faster development of AIDS. Scientists based at Sweden’s Lund Univer [...]

Kruger National Park-South Africa is a marvel

Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus) (Afrikaans: Waterbok) – these were one of my favourite antelopes that we encountered in the park. They h [...]
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