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UK withdraws £100m development aid for Southern Africa

Britain is axing a £100m aid programme to reduce poverty in Africa after accidentally channelling some money through the Zimbabwe governmen [...]

Ethiopia plans for 100k deportees from Saudi Arabia

#Ethiopia Decades of starvation and political instability caused many Ethiopians to flee to destinations like Saudi Arabia. Recently the gul [...]

#Zimbabwe fails to provide water in towns

#Diaspora gets a shock as Zimbabwe deteriorates beyond dreams It has been a couple of weeks since I returned from a two weeks holiday in Zi [...]

Somalia leads on Cholera cases in Africa-WHO

By Edmund Smith-Asante A report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO), says by the end of 2011 a total number of 589,854 cholera [...]

Currencies of the diaspora-#BurkinaFaso

Burkina Faso is a poor, landlocked country that relies heavily on cotton and gold exports for revenue. The country has few natural resources [...]

The Rite to Mutilate Children-#Ethiopia

by Greta Solomon The unspoken practice of female genital mutilation is undermining efforts to create safe motherhood in the developing world [...]

African Natural Wonders- #Animals

#Tourism Africa is unique because of its natural resources-Its animals The Cheetah mum catching an baby Impala. The young boy is smacking hi [...]

World AIDS Day #HIV

  By Global Information Network (GIN) Nov. 26 (GIN) – South Africa will mark World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 with a full palette of music [...]


#Picture of the Day Photograph by Mikhail Evstafiev In this powerful photograph by Mikhail Evstafiev, we see musician Vedran Smailović, [...]

#IMF reviews ECF in The #Gambia

IMF agrees that African economy is growing  Summary by Editor Following IMF team visit to The Gambia in early November 2013, the following [...]

Times are changing-#Somaliland is ready for investors

By Editor #Hargeisa’Somaliland As a sign of times changing, the government in Somaliland is doing all they can to present to the world [...]

Ethiopian Portraits

Ethiopia is endowed with a rich culture Ethiopia is a wonderful and beautiful country, but no part of it more so than its people. These are [...]

President #Uhuru presidency helps family business empire to expand

The rich and flamboyant Uhuru Kenyatta’s family fortunes is estimated to be $1 billion. They almost own Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta’s assum [...]

#China deal expands #Zimbabwe’s #Kariba Dam

China has been pouring aid to Africa but has been criticised for neglecting human rights abuse issues when investing.African states have ben [...]

Uganda economy recovered by 6%-IMF

#Uganda Summary by Editor IMF team was in Kampala recently for the first review of the Policy Support Instrument and concluded the followin [...]

Top EU court ruling backs gay African asylum bids

The issue of homosexuality is still a taboo in many African states.President Mugabe even called homosexuals”worse than pigs” Eve [...]

Making Monetary Policy More Effective: DRC scenario-IMF

The following  authors- Felix Fischer, Charlotte Lundgren, and Samir Jahjah have produced a working paper on behalf of IMF on Making the M [...]

#Tanzania economy grew by astronomical 7% in 2013-IMF report

The recent visit by IMF team to Tanzania concluded that: The economy has continued to perform well, growing by 7 percent in the first half [...]

#IMF team visits #Harare

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke The Herald Business Reporter A delegation from the International Monetary Fund is expected in Zimbabwe tomorrow to assess [...]

Veteran #Mozambican Author Mia Couto Wins 2014 Neustadt International Prize for #Literature

Mia Couto, laureate of the 2014 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. NORMAN, OKLA. Mozambican author António Emílio Leite Couto (M [...]

Harare counters #SW Radio Africa impact by opening airwaves

PHOTO | XINHUA Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe inspects a vendor’s stand on the sidelines of a business forum on small and medium enter [...]

#Cholera #vaccine tested in #Mozambique is safe

A vaccine against cholera that has been tested in Mozambique and Cuba has been found to be safe, reports the Cuban newspaper “Juventud Reb [...]

#Multinationals defrauding #Africa billions

#Multinationals defrauding #Africa billions. [...]

Crude oil expected to continue flowing from Africa-PwC

The trend of increasing crude oil reserves in Africa, which currently supplies about 12 percent of the world’s oil, is anticipated to cont [...]

BP enters #Morrocco oil and gas industry

Oil and Gas reserves scattered along Morroccan shore BP Plc (BP/), the U.K. oil and gas company, bought its first assets in Morocco with the [...]

New wave of farm invasions in Zimbabwe?

Following proclamations in Zimbabwe by President Mugabe and Zanu PF of victory in July 31 2013 poll, new wave land invasions have been repor [...]

Australia offers Scholarships Related articles Australia A [...]

South Africa demands compensation from Zimbabwe for land taken for redistribution

South Africa demands compensation from Zimbabwe for land taken for redistribution. [...]

South Africa demands compensation from Zimbabwe for land taken for redistribution

  HARARE — The Zimbabwean government has denied claims that South African nationals and investors may have lost their land when the count [...]

Zimbabwe faces energy deficit

Zimbabwe faces energy deficit. [...]

#DRC wants more investors to $12b Inga Hydropower plant

#DRC wants more investors to $12b Inga Hydropower plant. [...]
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