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France’s migrant ‘cemetery’ in Africa

By Elise Wicker,BBC World Service Image copyright AFP The quest to conquer the other North Pole What’s it like to answer angry tweets [...]

East Africa’s political borders flurring turmoil?

By Staff Reporter Lines between countries used to have little importance in Africa‘s most dynamic region. How times have changed. In o [...]

Mozambique: the new easy passage for narcotics?

By Staff Reporter Not a lot is known about the drugs trade in Mozambique, but the evidence suggests it is becoming a popular transit point f [...]

Who hijacked Malaysian flight MH370?

By Staff Reporter Plane may have been deliberately flown across Malay peninsula, sources say Military radar-tracking evidence reportedly sug [...]

The Mighty Zambezi at Victoria Falls

The Zambezi river starts its journey to the sea in northern Zambia, then flows through Angola, and re-enters Zambia before flowing over the [...]
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