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#IMF reviews ECF in The #Gambia

IMF agrees that African economy is growing  Summary by Editor Following IMF team visit to The Gambia in early November 2013, the following [...]

IMF report on Sierra Leone

#Sierra Leone Summary by Editor #IMF has released a report on Sierra Leone following their decision In October 2013 to approve the &nbs [...]

IMF report on #Lesotho

#Lesotho Summary by Editor Following a recent visit to Maseru by IMF team , the team concluded : The IMF team appreciates this opportunity f [...]

Nigeria has attracted investments of about N205.4billion ($1.3billion)

Nigeria has attracted investments of about N205.4billion ($1.3billion) into the retail sector within the last two years. Also for the first [...]

How bad is Robert Mugabe? The answer, in three scathing paragraphs

BY MAX FISHER #Zimbabwe Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe speaks to supporters. (Alexander Joe/AFP/Getty Images) The amazing thing about P [...]

President #Uhuru presidency helps family business empire to expand

The rich and flamboyant Uhuru Kenyatta’s family fortunes is estimated to be $1 billion. They almost own Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta’s assum [...]

#Boeing Delivers #Ethiopian #Airlines First #777-300ER.

by TUGAK TRIBOO • #Ethiopia Boeing 777-300er Source: Boeing Delivers Ethiopian Airlines‘ First 777-300ER 777-300ER [...]

Uganda economy recovered by 6%-IMF

#Uganda Summary by Editor IMF team was in Kampala recently for the first review of the Policy Support Instrument and concluded the followin [...]

#Namibia #GDP grew by 5% in 2012-#IMF

#Namibia Summary by – Editor #IMF team has been an inspection mission to Namibia recently and concluded the following: Real GDP grew b [...]

#IMF recommends regional #Financial #Integration for #Ghana

#Ghana Summary by – Editor IMF team visited Ghana recently to review progress in regional financial integration. The team reported tha [...]

Making Monetary Policy More Effective: DRC scenario-IMF

The following  authors- Felix Fischer, Charlotte Lundgren, and Samir Jahjah have produced a working paper on behalf of IMF on Making the M [...]

#IMF team visits #Harare

Rumbidzayi Zinyuke The Herald Business Reporter A delegation from the International Monetary Fund is expected in Zimbabwe tomorrow to assess [...]

Somali Money Transfer Service Wins U.K. Reprieve

Mogadishu needs to rebuild.Will part of the remittances fund Al Shabaab operations? Barclays could face hefty fines for money launderin [...]

Cameron unveils £200m Sukuk as UK leads way

London To comply with sharia law, Islamic investors are forbidden to receive interest Britain is set to become the first non-Muslim country [...]

#Cholera #vaccine tested in #Mozambique is safe

A vaccine against cholera that has been tested in Mozambique and Cuba has been found to be safe, reports the Cuban newspaper “Juventud Reb [...]

#Multinationals defrauding #Africa billions

Johannesburg Africa loses nearly $1bn every week through illicit financial flows out of the continent, and chiefly through transactions by m [...]

#IMF refuses to rescue Zimbabwe as Mugabe’s “Look East” policy falters

#IMF refuses to rescue Zimbabwe as Mugabe’s “Look East” policy falters. [...]

#IMF refuses to rescue Zimbabwe as Mugabe’s “Look East” policy falters

Harare NewsAfrica Editor THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) will not  be advancing any cash to Zimbabwe any time soon. Zimbabwe is d [...]

#Africa embraces Islamic bonds as #Nigeria goes first.

#Nigeria Islamic Africa set to embrace Sukuk. Africa is home to 400 million Muslims. Nigeria has become the first major economy in Africa to [...]

Good news #Africa-#Chinese economy rebounds by 8%

It is possible that Chinese investment to Africa will continue because China’s economy grew at its quickest pace this year between July a [...]
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