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Didier Drogba: Charity Commission investigating player’s foundation

Didier Drogba: Charity Commission investigating player’s foundation Drogba scored 164 goals in two spells at Chelsea A charity run by [...]

Islam is growing in Zimbabwe

  By Staff Reporter AS Muslims in Zimbabwe join the rest of the Muslim world in celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, our Religion Cor [...]

Barbaric ISIS beheads US journalist James Foley

By Staff Reporter The Islamic State claims to have killed the American journalist, who went missing in Syria nearly two years ago ENLARGE Am [...]

Sudan death sentence woman ‘freed’

By Staff Reporter Meriam Ibrahim gave birth to a baby daughter in prison A Sudanese woman sentenced to death for abandoning her Islamic fait [...]

Nigeria kidnapped girls ‘shown’ in new Boko Haram video

By Staff Reporter The BBC’s John Simpson says the video, which shows more than 100 girls in hijabs, could be the first step in a negot [...]

UK Independence Party (UKIP) “torch bearer” is Zimbabwean white racist

By Staff Reporter  Star of Ukip advert suspended for: calling Miliband ‘not British’, attacking ‘evil’ Islam and sa [...]

Prominent Islamist ‘Makaburi” is assassinated in Mombasa.Is Kenya government eliminating terror suspects?

By Staff Reporter A prominent Kenyan Islamist, accused by the United States and United Nations Security Council (UNSC) of supporting the S [...]

Boko Haram murders and burn alive 58 school children in Nigeria

By Staff Reporter Most of the victims appeared to be between 15 and 20 years old and all of them were male Militants locked doors and set fi [...]

Genocide in CAR?Rwanda failures in the making.

#Central African Republic Several reports from Central African Republic indicate that without CAR is a nation in distress.UN cannot watch id [...]

Muslim fighters order Missionaries out of CAR

#BOUCA Last week France increased its contigent to CAR because they believe that sectarianism has increased to genocide levels  Central Afr [...]

UK gay man persecuted in #Uganda

While NewsAfrica advocates equality for all, it is also factual that homosexuality is illegal in most African states including Uganda.  It [...]


#Picture of the Day Photograph by Mikhail Evstafiev In this powerful photograph by Mikhail Evstafiev, we see musician Vedran Smailović, [...]

Homosexuality still a crime in 38 African countries

U.S. President Barack Obama and Senegalese President Macky Sall, June 27, 2013, at the presidential palace in Dakar.Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Ima [...]

Times are changing-#Somaliland is ready for investors

By Editor #Hargeisa’Somaliland As a sign of times changing, the government in Somaliland is doing all they can to present to the world [...]

Top EU court ruling backs gay African asylum bids

Top EU court ruling backs gay African asylum bids. [...]

Top EU court ruling backs gay African asylum bids

The issue of homosexuality is still a taboo in many African states.President Mugabe even called homosexuals”worse than pigs” Eve [...]

East Africa: Abyei Pressures Two Sudans for Resolution

Religion separates the two Sudans? Juba by Andrew Green The non-binding referendum in Abyei – where people voted overwhelmingly to j [...]

#Africa embraces Islamic bonds as #Nigeria goes first.

#Nigeria Islamic Africa set to embrace Sukuk. Africa is home to 400 million Muslims. Nigeria has become the first major economy in Africa to [...]
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