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UK supermarket billionaire setting up investment vehicle for East Africa

By Staff Reporter British billionaire and philanthropist Lord David Sainsbury is set to launch an East Africa-focused high-impact investment [...]

China invests deeper as they construct East African railway line

By Staff Reporter Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has wrapped up his three-day visit to Kenya while also ending a week-long trip to Africa. The l [...]

Africa’s banking CEO of the Year is Kenyan

By Staff Reporter   Gideon Muriuki is Africa‘s banking CEO of the Year  London-based magazine International Banker has named Gid [...]

The shocking images of a lioness whose leg was almost ripped off after being gored by a buffalo – and amazingly SURVIVED

By Staff Reporter 11-year-old lioness Siena suffered appalling injury in fight with buffalo Emergency vets flown out to Kenya’s Masai [...]

Prominent Islamist ‘Makaburi” is assassinated in Mombasa.Is Kenya government eliminating terror suspects?

By Staff Reporter A prominent Kenyan Islamist, accused by the United States and United Nations Security Council (UNSC) of supporting the S [...]

Al Shabab is increasing in strength-UN Envoy

By Staff Reporter The United Nations warned Monday of an increased threat of attacks from Somalia‘s Al-Qaeda-linked Shabab as a major [...]

Kenya legalizes polygamy

By Staff Reporter Bill that permits men to marry more than one person without wife‘s consent prompts furious backlash Polygamy is comm [...]

Ugandan court to release smuggled ivory

By Staff Reporter Poaching in Africa is reported to be killing about 25 000 animals annually The cache was intercepted from DRC in October 2 [...]

Africa must put citizens first always -Kagame


US using NGOs to destabilise Africa?-globalresearch

There is a developing pattern in which NGOs linked to US intelligence are accused of stirring ethnic disputes in Africa.  By Carla Stea [...]

Kenya Human Rights abuses alarming-ACLED

Human rights abuses in Kenya has not gone down despite ICC prosecuting the country’s top leaders. The report summary: Kenya is the se [...]

Where is murderer #Kony?

#NAIROBI, Kenya #Uganda Central African Republic’s government said Thursday that Joseph Kony, an accused war criminal being hunted by Afr [...]

Times are changing-#Somaliland is ready for investors

By Editor #Hargeisa’Somaliland As a sign of times changing, the government in Somaliland is doing all they can to present to the world [...]

A farewell, the glorious Masai Mara-diaries of a tourist

  Masai Mara was established in 1961 and is 1800 km squared in size. The Park forms the Northern border between Kenya and Tanzania. It was [...]

President #Uhuru presidency helps family business empire to expand

The rich and flamboyant Uhuru Kenyatta’s family fortunes is estimated to be $1 billion. They almost own Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta’s assum [...]

Why did #Tanzania boycott East #Africa single visa deal?

Tanzania is threatened by this pact.Threatens to set up rival pact with Burundi & DRC. NAIROBI Tanzania was not represented in a single [...]

Maximum sentence for rape-“cut grass”, only in #Kenya

  Kenyan women demand justice #Nairobi More than one million people have signed a petition demanding justice after three of six men accused [...]

#US pastor TD Jakes apologises over #Kenya lies

The lies?-“The natives all over Kenya drink water because of this ministry. And the hospital in Nairobi survives because of this minis [...]

#Kenya’s national security is among the worst in #Africa

Westgate Shopping Mall up in smoke The latest Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) report released in London Monday groups Kenya with [...]

Zimbabwe is ill advised to support African #ICC pullout

President Mugabe dislikes ICC Reports from  Harare indicate that Zimbabwe has promised to back calls for Africa to pull out of the Internat [...]

Sata appoints British wife’s sister as ambassador to Turkey

Zambian President & wife pictured with Mr and Mrs Whitleton.New Zambian ambassador to Turkey is Mrs Marriam Whitleton ( Marriam Mwape Mu [...]
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