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“I am white and very African”- says Mozambician novelist Mia Cuto

By Staff Reporter Mia Couto: ‘I am white and African. I like to unite contradictory worlds’ The novelist discusses his hopes for conserv [...]

Zimbabwe animal experts devastated when #CeciltheLion was killed

By Staff Reporter   Cecil the lion’s death: ‘There was blood in the sand. My immediate response was anger’ Lion exper [...]

Zimbabwe’s favorite lion Cecil killed by hunter from ‘North America’

By Staff Reporter The professional hunter admits to killing the lion with a foreign client but insists he did not know it was a well-known l [...]

The shocking images of a lioness whose leg was almost ripped off after being gored by a buffalo – and amazingly SURVIVED

By Staff Reporter 11-year-old lioness Siena suffered appalling injury in fight with buffalo Emergency vets flown out to Kenya’s Masai [...]
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