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African population growth unsustainable?

Is Africa’s growing population a threat to the Sustainable Development Goals? Martin Namasaka Milou Vanmulken argue that exploiting the st [...]

French tourist Herve Gourdel abducted by Algeria militants

By Staff Reporter Herve Gourdel, an experienced mountain guide and photographer, was visiting Kabylie in north-east Algeria A French tourist [...]

Victoria Falls airport ready for June 2015 #Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter The Victoria Falls Airport  The $150 million refurbishment of the Victoria Falls International Airport will be completed [...]

Which one is the most powerful African passport?

 By Staff Reporter With geopolitics playing in, travellers from some countries get more travel freedom than others, a new ranking shows. Ma [...]

Egyptian Junta leader Sisi serenades the West by hiring Tony Blair as economic advisor

By Staff Reporter Former PM criticised over link to United Arab Emirates-funded programme that promises lucrative ‘business opportunit [...]

Poverty driving Madagascan women into “dangerous” Middle East for work

By Staff Reporter Madagascar’s human trafficking victims are showing up with missing organs Here’s what we learned about Madagascar& [...]

4,000 African and Middle East migrants rescued by Italy in last 48 hours

By Staff Reporter Boats from Africa and Middle East are arriving at the fastest rate since a naval operation to handle influx began last yea [...]

MasterCard now operates in 48 out of 55 African markets

By Staff Reporter MasterCard pushing Africa to be a “cashless” hub MasterCard Tuesday announced its entry into seven new markets [...]

Child marriage rife in 15 African nations-UNICEF

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia I was playing outside when my mother told me I would marry. My life was ruined’: Ethiopian child bride, forced i [...]

As Egypt engulfs, Sharm El Sheikh is still best

Egypt Sharm El Sheikh‘s best hotels If you have a plan to visit Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt for couple or family holidays, you should know [...]
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