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“I am white and very African”- says Mozambician novelist Mia Cuto

By Staff Reporter Mia Couto: ‘I am white and African. I like to unite contradictory worlds’ The novelist discusses his hopes for conserv [...]

The brutal murder of Emmanuel Sithole

  By Staff Reporter Mozambique national Emmanuel Sithole collapses on the pavement after he was attacked by men in Alexandra township i [...]

Africa set for an oil and gas boom

By Staff Reporter An oil tanker during the unloading of oil in the Libyan sea port of Zawiya on April 4, 2014An oil tanker during the unload [...]

Mozambique’s strong growth performance and low inflation are commendable-IMF

By Staff Reporter The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) completed today the second review of Mozambique’s economic [...]

Illegal gold mining thrives under Johannesburg city

By Staff Reporter Save A man carries a pack of waste to scavenge for gold dust Smoke rises from a derelict mine shaft 25 miles east of Johan [...]

Mozambique: the new easy passage for narcotics?

By Staff Reporter Not a lot is known about the drugs trade in Mozambique, but the evidence suggests it is becoming a popular transit point f [...]

Mozambique Gas could emerge as potential aid for Zimbabwe energy crisis

By Staff Reporter Posted bypril 21,By  2014   As Mozambique’s “world-class” gas resources are developed and coal bed methane (C [...]

IMF urges more transparency in Mozambique economy as growth is expected at 8% in 2014

By Staff Reporter   A staff team from the International Monetary Fund, led by Doris Ross, visited Mozambique during February 26- March [...]

Malawi refuse to assist 2000 refugees fleeing renewed fighting in Mozambique

By Staff Reporter Latest report suggest 4 police officers were killed this week by suspected RENAMO rebel fighters RENAMO has nullified 1992 [...]

Mozambique economy grows despite Renamo threats-IMF

                          Maputo,Mozambique Summary by Kelvin Mupungu The [...]

The Mighty Zambezi at Victoria Falls

The Zambezi river starts its journey to the sea in northern Zambia, then flows through Angola, and re-enters Zambia before flowing over the [...]

Samora Moses Machel lives on

Mozambique’s greatest son was murdered allegedly by apartheid South african regime in 1986. Samora Machel was Mozambique’s first [...]

RENAMO rejects peace offer in Moz

  President Guebuza invited RENAMO leader to high level talks in Maputo on 8th November 2013 in an effort to address concerns which has led [...]

Veteran #Mozambican Author Mia Couto Wins 2014 Neustadt International Prize for #Literature

Veteran #Mozambican Author Mia Couto Wins 2014 Neustadt International Prize for #Literature. [...]

Veteran #Mozambican Author Mia Couto Wins 2014 Neustadt International Prize for #Literature

Mia Couto, laureate of the 2014 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. NORMAN, OKLA. Mozambican author António Emílio Leite Couto (M [...]

#IMF Mission to #Mozambique-economy to grow by 8.5%

  Natural resources extraction set to improve economy. Political instability recently may threaten all progress.Growth expected to be betwe [...]

#Mozambique: Army Seizes #Renamo Base in Maringue

Maputo — The Mozambican Defence Ministry announced on Monday that the armed forces (FADM) have knocked out a major base of the former rebe [...]

#Cholera #vaccine tested in #Mozambique is safe

A vaccine against cholera that has been tested in Mozambique and Cuba has been found to be safe, reports the Cuban newspaper “Juventud Reb [...]
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