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“I prefer Chinese aid because they don’t force me to accept homosexuality”- Mugabe

By Staff Reporter Mr Mugabe’s comments came during a trip to China in which he was trying to generate support for Zimbabwe’s cr [...]

China gives Mugabe $2billion secured against future mining tax revenues

By Staff Reporter Robert Mugabe leaves China on Thursday without the unconditional support he had sought from Beijing to keep Zimbabwe’s [...]

Mugabe’s mission impossible to China

By Staff Reporter BEIJING, August 25- Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was welcomed by his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Monday as Afr [...]

Grace to inherit Robert? #Zanu PF

By Staff Reporter Questions are now being asked whether this has been Mugabe’s plan to leave power in the hands of his young wife Grac [...]

Mugabe fires government and calls for new Zanu PF elections in December

By Staff Reporter ZIMBABWE President Robert Mugabe on Thursday said he together with all the members of the Zanu PF politburo and central c [...]

Zanu PF hypocrisy as bigwigs secretly buy deeds from white farmers

By Staff Reporter Well-heeled Zanu (PF) stalwarts, who fear they might lose their acquired farms when President Robert Mugabe finally goes, [...]

Mugabe bans “Whites” from owning land in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter Mugabe nails the last in economy by declaring that Zimbabwe is  no country for whites to own land Robert Mugabe. Picture: [...]

The article that landed Zimbabwe Sunday Mail editor in trouble

By Staff Reporter In solidarity with Zimbabwe Sunday Mail Editor Edmund Kudzayi In solidarity with with fellow scriber being incarcerated fo [...]

Mugabe checks in Singapore hospital

By Staff Reporter Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. (File, AP)  Video footage has emerged showing Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabearri [...]

Mugabe prefers ex-Reserve Bank Governor Gono to Zanu PF stalwarts as successor?

By Staff Reporter At 90 years old, the day for someone to take over is approaching fast. Mugabe turned 90 years in February and he has to ei [...]


By Staff Reporter Opinion That famous line of Mandela’s referring to Robert Mugabe must really have annoyed the latter  “…he was the [...]

‘Don’t blame sanctions,’ says Mugabe

By Staff Reporter     President Robert Mugabe says it is now unpalatable to continue blaming sanctions for failure to adequately r [...]

Zimbabwe education SOS.UK responds with $10m bailout

By NewsAfrica Reporter Following revelations that economic crisis is Zimbabwe had  affected funding for 250 000 children eligible for state [...]

King Mugabe celebrates 90th birthday.

By Staff Reporter Zimbabwe‘s President Robert Gabriel Mugabe celebrated his 90th birthday in Marondera (80km east of Harare). Earlier [...]

As health delivery limps, Mugabe splashes $1m in 90th birthday bash

By Staff Reporter At 89 he was graced with an 89kg cake. Will it be a 90kg one this year?What about the school children on social welfare wh [...]

Mugabe flying to Singapore for “eye cataract surgery ” very irrational

By Staff Reporter  Official report from Permanent Secretary to Ministry of Information George Charamba implies that President Mugabe will u [...]

Robert Mugabe loses $HK40 million Hong Kong home

 by Staff Reporter Hong Kong , China      So President Mugabe owns an overseas property after all?   The government of the Republic [...]

What if #SouthAfrica had accepted #UK plan to invade #Zimbabwe?

#UK #Zimbabwe #South Africa #NewsAfrica Revelations this week by ex-South African leader Thabo Mbeki have been rebuffed strongly by ex-UK Pr [...]

#Zimbabwe ex-Reserve Bank Governor’s goodbye

Reserve Bank Governor Gideon Gono steps down from the role on November 30 after 10 years in the job. He penned the following farewell to sta [...]

#Mugabe’s election victory cooked in #China?-

Story by Khadija Sharife #Zimbabwe In February, speaking at his birthday, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe described his leadership as a [...]

How bad is Robert Mugabe? The answer, in three scathing paragraphs

BY MAX FISHER #Zimbabwe Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe speaks to supporters. (Alexander Joe/AFP/Getty Images) The amazing thing about P [...]

#IMF refuses to rescue Zimbabwe as Mugabe’s “Look East” policy falters

Harare NewsAfrica Editor THE International Monetary Fund (IMF) will not  be advancing any cash to Zimbabwe any time soon. Zimbabwe is d [...]

Zimbabwe’s gloomy future as unemployment and prices rise

Zimbabweans should brace themselves for a sharp rise in unemployment and an increase in the prices of basic commodities, as President Mugabe [...]
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