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Act before #Zimbabwe’s tyrant dies

 The world needs to prepare for a Zimbabwe without Robert Mugabe IN ZIMBABWE they are waiting for rain. The region’s worst drought in a d [...]

Zimbabwe Govt Abandons Indigenisation

  Zimbabwe has abandoned its populist indigenisation policy in a desperate attempt to lure offshore capital required to revive the cou [...]

As economic crisis bites,Mugabe begs West for assistance

By Staff Reporter For first time in over 15 years, Mugabe openly asks for western role in ailing Zimbabwe economy   China seconded expe [...]

Broke Zimbabwean regime dispatches begging delegation to China

By Staff Reporter Zimbabwe will this week once again send a delegation to China to plead with the Far East for a financial bailout, which ha [...]

AfDB convenes Zimbabwe debt solution in September

AFDB PRESIDENT, DONALD KABERUKA The African Development Bank (AfDB) will in September convene a debt resolution forum for Zimbabwe, as the s [...]

Zimbabwe slashes wages in parastatals to $72,000 maximum from $230,000 annually

By Staff Reporter President Robert Mugabe‘s government has slashed pay and perks for managers of Zimbabwe‘s state-owned firms, i [...]

Breaking News-IMF snubs Zimbabwe

By Kelvin Mupungu Harare, Zimbabwe Financial snub on Harare continues  IMF In a statement released yesterday , IMF has approved an extensio [...]

Zimbabwe aims to end export of raw Platinum

 Photo-The Herald HARARE— Platinum mining companies in Zimbabwe — including units of Anglo American Platinum (Amplats), Impala Platinum [...]
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