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Zimbabwe ditches ‘worthless’ currency for the US dollar

By Staff Reporter ©Bloomberg One of the few central banks to make 1920s Germany look like a period of monetary prudence and stability is fi [...]

Zimbabwean-owned banks ditch Zanu PF Indigenisation policy

By Staff Reporter Banks owned by Zimbabwean are facing serious cash crisis and are prepared to defy Zanu PF Indigenisation policy on foreign [...]

IMF visit paints a VERY “bleak”economic outlook in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter Summary On June 18, 2014, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultati [...]

Is Zimbabwe’s cash “crunch” political?

  By Francisca Sibanda Chamunokara NewsAfrica-Harare (Zim)-The abandoning of the Zimbabwe dollar and the adoption of a basket of region [...]

Mugabe prefers ex-Reserve Bank Governor Gono to Zanu PF stalwarts as successor?

By Staff Reporter At 90 years old, the day for someone to take over is approaching fast. Mugabe turned 90 years in February and he has to ei [...]
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