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#ItaiDzamara was either brave or reckless?

  By Kevin Sieff A poster advertises a public prayer for Itai Dzamara in Harare, Zimbabwe, on Aug. 12. Dzamara, an activist, has been m [...]

THE Kgalagadi beauties

A vast expanse of sand , dust, dry riverbeds and where life still seems to crawl on despite its difficulties, the Kalahari is a place where [...]

African Natural Wonders- #Animals

#Tourism Africa is unique because of its natural resources-Its animals The Cheetah mum catching an baby Impala. The young boy is smacking hi [...]

#IMF reviews ECF in The #Gambia

IMF agrees that African economy is growing  Summary by Editor Following IMF team visit to The Gambia in early November 2013, the following [...]

Times are changing-#Somaliland is ready for investors

By Editor #Hargeisa’Somaliland As a sign of times changing, the government in Somaliland is doing all they can to present to the world [...]

Ethiopian Portraits

Ethiopia is endowed with a rich culture Ethiopia is a wonderful and beautiful country, but no part of it more so than its people. These are [...]

#Boeing Delivers #Ethiopian #Airlines First #777-300ER.

by TUGAK TRIBOO • #Ethiopia Boeing 777-300er Source: Boeing Delivers Ethiopian Airlines‘ First 777-300ER 777-300ER [...]
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