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Shoddy Chinese electrical works in #Zimbabwe

  Workers at Sino-Zimbabwe are sure that poor workmanship by the Chinese has led to the current electricity woes currently affecting th [...]

Glencore to shed 4000 employees in #Zambia

By Nye Longman Glencore to shed over 4,000 African workers to help settle £20 billion debt Zambia’s Copperbelt region is facing the pros [...]

Zambia’s President Sata resurfaces. State House releases pictures.

By Staff Reporter Zambia State House releases latest pictures of the ailing President , but no close-ups to dispel rumors of his alleged  [...]

Zambian Opposition seeks court intervention to declare Sata unfit to govern

Photo: State House.President Sata at his inauguration (file photo). A Zambian court is examining a request to have doctors assess the healt [...]

UK International Development Secretary arrives in Zambia

By Staff Reporter UK SECRETARY of State for International Development Justine Greening is today expected in Zambia to offer support to the c [...]

President Sata’s health deteriorates and is expected to hand over power soon

By Staff Reporter Photo: State House President Sata at his inauguration (file photo). President Michael Sata who celebrated his 77th Birthd [...]

President Sata in “comma” in Israel?

By Staff Reporter Unconfirmed reports suggest that Zambian President, 76 year old Michael Sata is in “comma” in a medical facili [...]

Zambian President’s condition is “not critical” as he seeks medical attention in Israel since June 20th.

By Staff Reporter Officials in Israel confirm that Zambia‘s President Sata came for undisclosed medical treatments. Condition describe [...]

President Sata’s bank statement reveal “underhand” transactions

By Staff Reporter Transactions in his account from Chinese Contractors? Earlier this week Zambia Reports published statements of a bank acc [...]

Zambia economic growth projected at 6.5% in 2014-IMF

By Staff Reporter An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Byung Jang visited Lusaka during May 27–June 6 to review economic devel [...]

Legendary Zambian commentator Dennis Liwewe dies

By Staff Reporter Legendary Liwewe is being mourned by African sports family Zambian football is mourning the passing of legendary commentat [...]

The Mighty Zambezi at Victoria Falls

The Zambezi river starts its journey to the sea in northern Zambia, then flows through Angola, and re-enters Zambia before flowing over the [...]

#China deal expands #Zimbabwe’s #Kariba Dam

China has been pouring aid to Africa but has been criticised for neglecting human rights abuse issues when investing.African states have ben [...]

Sata appoints British wife’s sister as ambassador to Turkey

Sata appoints British wife’s sister as ambassador to Turkey. [...]

Sata appoints British wife’s sister as ambassador to Turkey

Zambian President & wife pictured with Mr and Mrs Whitleton.New Zambian ambassador to Turkey is Mrs Marriam Whitleton ( Marriam Mwape Mu [...]
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