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THE Kgalagadi beauties

A vast expanse of sand , dust, dry riverbeds and where life still seems to crawl on despite its difficulties, the Kalahari is a place where even the most experienced of safari-goers will struggle not to love.The uniqueness in this vast basin of sand and sediment is what draws people back year after year to experience the magic found nowhere else on earth.

One place however in the A greater part of the Kalahari stands out above all for most as being one of the most productive and most photogenic places in all of Southern Africa’s game reserves. The kgalagadi transfrontier park , famous for its predator viewing and diversity of smaller mammals and birdlife, has to be one of my favourite little corners in Africa. Our recent fairly quick 4 day trip through the Kgalagadi opened my eyes as to what its true colours really can be.

To some the monotony of having only really 2 riverbeds, the Aoub and Nossob, to drive either north or south in may be a little bit of a halt for the extreme landscape diversity lovers, however when one takes the time to have a little bit of a closer look, a more patient approach to a game reserve , the results will be astounding.

cape fox pupA young and inquisitive Cape fox pup

cape fox pups 2 out of the 3 play carefully at the safety of the burrow entrance

grumpy foxA rather grumpy looking female glares back at us

backlit rain 2An incredible scene one afternoon along the Auob riverbed as the sunlight filtered through the rain

backlit rain

springbok lambNovember marks the onset of new life

springbok ramThe soft pink hues created once the sun has set allow for a short yet beautiful time to photograph wildlife

morning lightThe early morning sun that soaks and filters into the riverbeds in unparalleled

craig lockhard 2One of the incredible predator sightings we had of this cheetah coming down for a drink

king of kij kij duneA male lion in full prime rests confidently in the Nossob riverbed

king of kij kij These have to be some of the most beautiful and photographic of all male lions in africa

caracal with wildcat bambaAn incredible capture by Ruth Nussbaum of this Caracal with its African wild cat kill

pearl nestA pearl spotted owlet peeks out of its nest

swallowtailed bee eater

Along with almost everything else, the Swallow tailed bee eaters where breeding too

swallowtailed bee eatersWith a bit of patience viewing Swallow tailed bee-eaters hanging around a central spot this time of year , may reveal a nest which can allow for some great photographic oppurtunities.

African hoopoeAn African Hoopoe

PCGA Pale Chanting goshawk stops momentarily whilst having a drink from a small puddle

ostrich chicksA few Ostrich chicks scurry in a hurry to catch up with the rest of the flock

dune silhouetteA small herd of wildebeest gather on top of a dune with a brewing storm in the background

nest stormA classic Kalahari scene

untitled (1 of 1)-23The watchful eye of a sentinel

bibronsEven after the sun has set and back at camp, you can still find the little critters to photograph, like this Bibrons thick toed gecko


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