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Tony Blair quits Malawi advisory role

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President Banda recently sacked all but herself in government. Donor aid reacted by freezing aid. They preferred her to resign? Not in Africa!

State corruption in Malawi has tainted Lady Banda’s image.She came to power of the promise of eradicating rampant corruption which had characterised Bingu wa Mutharika‘s reign in office. Malawi is on of the poorest nations in Africa but donors felt that Mrs Banda’s government had not done enough to eradicate state graft.
What made corruption in Malawi different is that there was limited effort to investigate and reports implied that the entire government was involved.
Former UK PM, Tony Blair’s involvement in improving governance in Malawi was meant to pacify donors and bring in the much required investment.
The Telegraph is reporting that Blair is actually facing questions over his role as advisor to Mrs Banda. It appears that he is under tremendous pressure at home and maybe called to appear under Foreign Affrairs parliamentary Committee. 

Bingu Wa Mutharika, President of Malawi presided over a health delivery system which when he died, his body had to flown to South Africa for preservation in readiness for burial a week later.The former World Bank employee enjoyed relative economic growth when he came to power.Corruption also tainted his image and lost all favour with donors.








Tvcnews/tv reports that  British Prime Minister Tony Blair‘s role as adviser to Malawian president Joyce Banda is due to end in January implying that this had been a contractual plan all along.

However,The Telegraph points that Blair’s staff and his Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) “are pulling out amid a corruption scandal engulfing the country.”

Presidential spokesperson Steve Nhlane had told local media that the government and AGI had agreed that work would finish before the 2014 presidential polls.

“The team will finish their work by the end of January,” he told Nyasa Times.

Former UK PM has embarked on international political consultancy but Malawi ” is thought to be the first job Blair has pulled out of ”

Recently, Blair’s role as adviser to the president of Malawi raised questions after the British government froze aid to the country amid the corruption scandal.

An official working in Malawi’s finance ministry was shot in the face and seriously wounded amid claims by his family he was about to expose widespread state corruption.

The assassination attempt and the web of corruption it simultaneously uncovered led to the arrests of several government officials, the sacking of the entire Malawian cabinet and the suspension of aid from the British government to the country. Millions of pounds are feared to have been stolen by officials.

The UK, through the Department for International Development (DfID), was due to spend £92 million of aid in Malawi next year, making it the biggest international donor. It has frozen £17 million of payments with “immediate effect”.

A spokesperson for Blair said that neither the former UK Prime Minister nor AGI had any idea of the corruption before it was mad public in September.

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