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Zambia ruling party died with Sata?


The following opinion was submitted to Zambia Reports as a letter to the editor:

I must admit that I learnt about the death of our beloved president, Michael Chilufya Sata with great sadness. Let me take this opportunity to pass my heart-felt condolences to the first family, the PF party & government, and the fellow Zambians inside and outside Zambia. We have lost a leader and I feel that whilst every person has two side (bad side and good side), this a moment for Zambians to look at the good things that Mr Sata did to this nation not only during his tenure as President of the Republic of Zambia, but we need to go back and look into his contributions to the nation from the time he started working for Zambia during the UNIP government. The evidence of the many great things he did for Zambia is clear for all to see and it is on these achievements that we should concentrate as we mourn and celebrate the life of our departed president.


It is with great sadness that from the time the death of President Sata was announced; we have been working up to news of political succession disputes and schemes on a daily basis. This is a very sad state of affairs in the ruling party and only confirms that the loyalty they (PF officials) showed to Mr Sata when he was alive was not genuine at all. To all PF officials and cadres, you need to know that Zambians expect you to show a high level of humbleness, humility and remorse during this time of mourning our late Republican President.

PF officials and cadres need to know that the funeral of Mr Sata is more a loss to them than their colleagues in the opposition, and their conduct during this mourning period should show the sad state which we all perceive them to be going through. Should they continue exhibiting such inhumane levels of indiscipline, they will definitely go down into books of history as the most indiscipline and disorganized political party Zambia has ever had.

Further, PF should know that their personal selfish interests which are evident for all to see considering the number of people (from among PF officials) who are vying for candidature in the January 2015, will take them nowhere but to self-destruction. It is sad to see learned men and women in PF putting a blind eye upon the fact that Zambians can no longer be cheated by people who are vying for the position of presidency to score their personal and selfish goals. With the in-fighting currently going on in the ruling party, one can easily see that PF could be nothing, but history come January 2015.

My appeal to our brothers and sisters in the PF is that they need to go back into the archives and look at how the Zambian people managed to remove former President Banda through the ballot box. It is important to remember that Rupiah Banda had a well coordinated team and they did one of the best campaigns Zambia has ever had but at last God had the final say through the people of Zambia. All PF officials now seem to be thinking about is that the presidency job is for all of them but they are forgetting that Zambia only needs one president at the end of the day, and the fact is that the same president may not even come from the PF after all. It is true that the people of Zambia loved Mr Sata looking at his great victory in the 2011 presidential race but we all need to understand that the Michael Sata people had loved and voted for in 2011 is now gone. It is therefore, not automatic that anyone in the PF can win the presidential by election coming in January 2015.

I have no time for name calling or finger pointing but I feel sad to see that some of the groups inside the PF are considering imposing people who have never won an election even at ward level. Surely, the losses that Mr Sata suffered before finally winning the presidency in 2011 should be a bigger lesson to PF officials than anyone else in the land of Zambia. In all fairness, I feel the PF officials know themselves better and it is time for them to realize the fact that a political career is different from other careers in the sense that other careers only require one to be determined and focused to climb the ladder through to the top, but the political victory (especially at presidential level) is more dependent upon the electorate than the candidate himself/herself.

A word to my brothers and sisters in the PF is that if they consider this top vacancy as an opportunity for Zambia to have 10 presidents from the PF, their party will be out of governance in January 2015 and for sure they will be in history books as the shortest serving government Zambia has ever had. It would also be very sad if the demise of Mr Sata would mean the end of PF. This is time for PF officials to remove their selfish jackets and put on a universal jacket of cooperation so that they can choose a leader who can be endorsed by the Zambian people through the ballot. As a party, they now need to focus on looking at which candidate can ensure that the PF continues to rule Zambia after the bye election in January 2015, other than having different groups spending a lot of time and resources in secret meetings to scheme their various selfish political goals. They need to understand that the God who loves Zambia so much is watching them and soon their useless schemes which are against the wishes of Zambians will be exposed.

Further, PF needs to know that the fate of whether they have to continue ruling Zambia or not, will not be determined after the bye-elections, but after they have made a choice of their candidate for the same bye-elections. It would be wiser for them to safeguard their jobs by rallying behind one person who can win the hearts of the majority Zambians than for each one of them to start showing their selfish ambitions. PF needs to understand that the opposition political leaders are also in the January 2015 presidential race, and that they (opposition) have a better chance of winning the elections if the current ruling party continues fighting internally.


I have been reading with great sadness, news and editorials which link H.E the Acting President of Zambia to a fraction within the PF shortly after declaring that his aim would be to leave a legacy of promoting peace and ensuring the smooth transition of power between now and the time Zambia votes for a new President. My advice to Dr Scott is that he needs to know that lying will never overcome truth – we have heard him change minds on certain matters a number of times in the past, but he now needs to keep it in his minds that the position he is holding is the highest public office of the land and as such it is more sensitive than the ceremonial position he has been holding over the last 3 years.

In the past, all Zambians including Dr Scott himself had Mr Sata to protect the interests of the nation and therefore, Dr Scott’s careless talking on serious national matters was ignored by many. However, Dr Scott now needs to bear in mind that his job now is to protect Zambia and not individuals, and that if he allows his position to be compromised by selfish individuals within and outside the PF, time will come when he will account for everything that shall happen during the 3 months he is acting as Republican President.

My advice to Dr Scott is that he should firstly consider himself highly favoured by God to be heading Zambians during the 3 months that he shall be acting as Head of State. I am sure that this is an opportunity he never expected especially that there was not a single moment when his former boss left him in charge of the country during his (Mr Sata) numerous international trips over the last 3 years. What Zambians therefore, expect from Dr Scott is to see him protecting the peace that Zambia has enjoyed over the last 50 years of our independence. It is my view that most Zambians are not concerned with your skin colour but the emerging rumours which link you to a grouping within the PF which is fighting to push their selfish and personal agenda against the wishes of Zambians. Dr Scott, Sir, please desist from the internal wrangles currently taking place in the PF and let your aim be seeing Zambia and Zambians in peace during your 3 months in the office of the President of Zambia. Always, remember that Zambians are watching you bwana Acting President Sir…….You are now having the biggest head in Zambia and remember a proverb which says, “A big head cannot avoid punches.”

I agree with former President Banda – You now need more of God’s guidance as opposed to human influence. Do not allow selfish individuals to ruin your hard-earned name!!

Concerned Zambian

-Zambia Reports

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