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Zambian President …

By Staff Reporter

Edgar Lungu has narrowly pipped his closest rival to the post to replace Michael Sata, the former president.

Here are a few interesting facts about Mr Lungu, from the man himself

Zambian ruling party Patriotic Front presidential candidate Edgar Lungu(C) dances before giving his remarks during the last presidential campaign rally

Presidential candidate Edgar Lungu dances before giving his remarks during the last presidential campaign rally Photo: GIANLUIGI GUERCIA

Edgar Lungu is the new president of Zambia, but what do we know about the former justice and defence minister?

1. He was told off for crying at the funeral of Zambia’s president Michael Sata, who died in office in October, sparking the presidential by-election Mr Lungu has just won.

2) He was previously justice and defence Minister, as well as being secretary general of his party, the Patriotic Front. He was fired as secretary general of the PF by Guy Scott, the PF president and acting president of the country, in the jostling for power after Mr Sata died, only to be reinstated the next day.

3) Like David Cameron, he refused to debate his rivals to the top job in a live television broadcast. “It’s an elitist debate and just the candidates trying to show off,” he sniffed when asked by The Telegraph why not. “I don’t care if I’m a good or bad speaker. I won’t be put in a box.”

4) He had a synthesizer-heavy but catchy campaign song by one of Zambia’s foremost pop stars written for him, entitled Kateka ni Lungu (Lungu is President), which far outstripped that of his rival Hichilema Hakainde, for airtime in the run-up, pumping out of minibus taxis and bars across the country.

5) He won’t be championing gay marriage in Zambia. “It’s repugnant to my people and I would not impose it on them because it’s not their culture,” he said. “I won’t touch that subject with a five-metre bamboo pole.”

6). He denied allegations of being an alcoholic following numerous reports of his love for the brown bottle. Social media has been awash with numerous pictures of the President Elect enjoying his brown bottle. Responding to allegations raised by The Telegraph that he could be suffering from Alcoholism, he said ,

“I drink but I don’t have a problem with drink. I am as sober as a priest when I come to do my job


IMG_20150125_165752 IMG_20150125_165544

IMG_20150125_173338 IMG_20150125_164322 IMG_20150125_173344

7). He has appeared on several occasions to be a “man of the common man”. On several occasions he has been seen dining with the common man

IMG_20150125_173338 IMG_20150125_163831 IMG_20150125_164222


8) He also is an accomplished Lawyer in Lusaka

Lungu the lawyer 5 Lungu the lawyer 3 Lungu the lawyer


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