Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP)

What is a loop electrosurgical excision process (LEEP)?

Loop electrosurgical excision process (LEEP) employs a wire loop heated by
electric powered existing to take out cells and tissue in a woman’s reduced genital
tract. It is used as element of the prognosis and therapy for abnormal or
cancerous problems.

The reduced genital tract consists of the cervix and vagina. The cervix is the
reduced, slim element of the uterus and the vagina connects the cervix and the

With LEEP, an electric powered existing passes by means of the high-quality wire loop to lower
away a thin layer of abnormal tissue. This tissue will be sent to the lab
for tests. LEEP can also take out abnormal cells to permit healthy tissue to

Why could I need to have a LEEP?

LEEP may possibly be done when cervical or vaginal problems are located all through a
pelvic test, or abnormal cells are located all through a Pap exam. LEEP is also
done to detect most cancers of the cervix or vagina.

Cells that show up to be abnormal, but are not however cancerous, may possibly be named
precancerous. These abnormal cells may possibly be the first proof of most cancers that
could produce many years afterwards.

LEEP may possibly also be used to assist in the prognosis or therapy of the
adhering to problems:

  • Polyps (benign growths)
  • Genital warts, which may possibly point out an infection with human papilloma virus
    (HPV), a hazard issue for producing cervical most cancers
  • Diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposure in gals whose moms took DES
    all through pregnancy, as DES exposure raises the hazard for most cancers of the
    reproductive method

Your healthcare service provider may possibly have other good reasons to advise LEEP.

What are the dangers for a LEEP?

Some achievable complications may possibly incorporate:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Modifications or scarring in the cervix from removing of tissue
  • Difficulties getting pregnant
  • Prospective for preterm beginning or getting a small beginning bodyweight newborn

If you are allergic to or sensitive to drugs, iodine, or latex, inform
your healthcare service provider.

If you are pregnant or believe you could be, inform your healthcare service provider.

There may possibly be other dangers based on your issue. Be certain to discuss
any concerns with your healthcare service provider right before the process.

Certain variables or problems may possibly interfere with LEEP. These variables

  • Menstruation
  • Acute pelvic inflammatory illness
  • Acute irritation of the cervix

How do I get completely ready for LEEP?

  • Your healthcare service provider will demonstrate the process and you can question
  • You will be requested to indication a consent form that offers your authorization to
    do the process. Study the form cautiously and question thoughts if
    something is not very clear.
  • Typically, no preparation, this kind of as fasting or sedation, is needed.
  • If you are pregnant or believe you may possibly be, inform your healthcare service provider.
  • Notify your healthcare service provider if you are sensitive to or are allergic
    to any medicines, latex, tape, iodine, and anesthesia.
  • Notify your healthcare service provider of all medicines (approved and
    in excess of-the-counter) and natural dietary supplements that you are taking.
  • Notify your healthcare service provider if you have a historical past of bleeding
    issues or if you are taking any blood-thinning medicines
    (anticoagulants), aspirin, or other medicines that have an effect on blood
    clotting. You may possibly be explained to to stop these medicines right before the process.
  • Your healthcare service provider will inform you not to use tampons, vaginal
    creams or medication, douching, or getting sex right before the process.
  • LEEP is ordinarily done when you are not getting your menstrual period.
  • Your healthcare service provider may possibly advise that you take a suffering reliever 30
    minutes right before the process.
  • You may possibly want to bring a sanitary napkin to have on residence just after the
  • Comply with any other instructions your service provider offers you to get completely ready.

What transpires all through a LEEP?

LEEP may possibly be done in a healthcare provider’s business office, on an outpatient basis,
or as element of your remain in a clinic. Strategies may possibly vary based on
your issue and your healthcare provider’s procedures.

Typically, LEEP follows this approach:

  1. You will be requested to undress totally or from the waist down and put
    on a clinic robe.
  2. You will be instructed to empty your bladder right before the process.
  3. You will lie on an test desk, with your ft and legs supported as for
    a pelvic test.
  4. Your healthcare service provider will insert an instrument named a speculum
    into your vagina to unfold the walls of the vagina apart to expose the
  5. Normally, the healthcare service provider will use a colposcope, an instrument
    with a special lens identical to a microscope, to amplify the tissues.
    The colposcope will be placed at the opening of your vagina but does
    not enter your vagina.
  6. Your healthcare service provider will seem by means of the colposcope to find any
    locations for therapy on the cervix or in the vagina. Pictures with
    the colposcope or sketches of the locations on your cervix may possibly be produced for
    your healthcare document.
  7. Your cervix may possibly be cleaned and soaked with a vinegar option, also
    named acetic acid option. This can help make the abnormal tissues flip
    white and develop into a lot more noticeable. You may possibly experience a gentle burning feeling.
    An iodine option is from time to time used to coat the cervix, named the
    Schiller exam.
  8. The healthcare service provider will numb the spot employing a smaller needle to
    inject medication.
  9. A kind of forceps, named a tenaculum, may possibly be used to keep the cervix
    steady for the process. You may possibly experience some cramping when the tenaculum
    is used.
  10. You will listen to buzzing and/or blowing appears from the tools.
  11. The LEEP wire will be inserted by means of the speculum and handed by means of
    the abnormal tissues. Just one or a lot more passes may possibly be needed. You may possibly experience
    tension or a slight cramping.
  12. Some gals experience faint all through the process. Notify your healthcare
    service provider or the nurse if you have this feeling.
  13. It is incredibly essential that you lie continue to all through the process.
  14. The amount and place of tissue taken off depends on the no matter if LEEP
    is being used as a diagnostic resource, or to take out abnormal tissue. LEEP
    wires come in different measurements and shapes.
  15. The electrical existing will seal the blood vessels, so ordinarily there is
    incredibly little bleeding. Any bleeding from the LEEP web-site may possibly be addressed
    with a paste-like topical medication.
  16. The tissue will be sent to a lab for even further tests.

What transpires just after a LEEP?

Following LEEP, you may possibly rest for a couple minutes just after the process right before likely

You may possibly want to have on a sanitary pad for bleeding. It is normal to have some
gentle cramping, spotting, and dim or black-colored discharge for quite a few
times. The dim discharge is from the medication used to your cervix to
manage bleeding.

You may possibly be instructed not to douche, use tampons, or have sex for four weeks
just after LEEP, or for a period of time suggested by your healthcare
service provider.

You may possibly also have other restrictions on your exercise, including no physically demanding
exercise or significant lifting.

Acquire a suffering reliever for cramping or soreness as directed by your
healthcare service provider. Aspirin or particular other suffering medicines may possibly maximize
the opportunity of bleeding. Be certain to take only suggested medicines.

Your healthcare service provider will inform you when to return for even further therapy
or treatment. Typically, gals who have had LEEP will need to have a lot more frequent Pap

Notify your healthcare service provider if you have any of the adhering to:

  • Bleeding with clots
  • Foul-smelling drainage from your vagina
  • Fever and/or chills
  • Critical abdominal suffering

Your healthcare service provider may possibly give you other instructions just after the
process, based on your specific problem.

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