PET Scan: MedlinePlus Medical Test

Sarah Knowel

What is a PET scan?

A PET (positron emission tomography) scan is an imaging check that seems to be at how very well your tissues and organs are performing. It also checks for indicators of cancer. The scan makes use of a smaller sum of a radioactive substance called a tracer.

The tracer settles in regions of your physique that have large concentrations of chemical exercise. This activity can be a signal of cancer or other illnesses. The tracer can also help measure blood movement, oxygen use, and improvements in the rate of metabolism of a unique tissue or organ. Metabolic process is a chemical procedure that your system uses to transform food stuff into vitality.

Chemical alterations in the system can display up prior to signs of condition show up. So a PET scan can discover symptoms of sickness at an early stage, generally prior to challenges can be seen on other imaging checks.

Other names: positron emission tomography

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