Renin Test: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What do the benefits indicate?

If your benefits display a larger than ordinary volume of renin, it could suggest you have:

If your final results present a lower than regular amount of money of renin, it may necessarily mean you have:

Most generally, your renin exam success will be as opposed with aldosterone examination effects. These success may present a single of the pursuing:

  • Decrease than normal renin/Reduce than normal aldosterone. This may indicate you have Cushing’s syndrome, a dysfunction in which the adrenal glands make way too significantly of a hormone referred to as cortisol.
  • Reduced than standard renin/Larger than normal aldosterone. This could indicate you have PA.
  • Greater than standard renin/Lower than regular aldosterone. This may perhaps mean you have Addison sickness.
  • Higher than ordinary renin/Bigger than standard aldosterone. This may possibly indicate you have secondary aldosteronism. In this ailment, a health care ailment in a further element of the body will cause the adrenal glands to make also significantly aldosterone. These circumstances involve illnesses of the coronary heart, liver, and kidneys.

Relying on your effects, your provider may endorse medicine and/or eating plan and life style adjustments to address your situation.

If you have inquiries about your final results, discuss to your overall health treatment provider.

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