Respiratory Pathogens Panel: MedlinePlus Medical Test

Sarah Knowel

What is a respiratory pathogens (RP) panel?

A respiratory pathogens (RP) panel checks for pathogens in the respiratory tract. A pathogen is a virus, micro organism, or other organism that brings about an sickness. Your respiratory tract is made up of sections of the body concerned in respiratory. This contains your lungs, nose, and throat.

There are lots of forms of viruses and micro organism that can infect the respiratory tract. Signs are usually comparable, but cure can be pretty distinctive. So it can be vital to make the right analysis. Other viral and bacterial tests for respiratory bacterial infections are usually limited to testing for just one particular pathogen. Quite a few samples may perhaps be necessary. The system can be challenging and time consuming.

An RP panel only demands a solitary sample to operate tests for a vast range of viruses and micro organism. Results ordinarily arrive in a number of hrs. Results from other forms of respiratory tests can take a number of days. Quicker final results may perhaps permit you to get started out earlier on the right cure.

Other names: RP panel, respiratory virus profile, syndromic multiplex panel

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