The World’s Strongest 70-Year Old

Sarah Knowel

The word legend is thrown all-around far too generally, but in this episode, we are genuinely joined by a legend of strength sporting activities – Odd Haugen.

Odd was Britain’s Strongest Guy in 1999, has broken many world data, competed, and won countrywide titles in bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting, and helped arrange and choose a lot of situations around the globe.

He coached Martins Licis to the 2021 Worlds’ Strongest Person title. And if that wasn’t adequate, at the age of 70, he’s more powerful than you!

In this episode, we explore the lessons he’s acquired in excess of 60 decades of education.

We discover the secrets to his awesome grip energy and lifting longevity.

This is a intriguing insight into what it requires to get to the major and stay there.

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